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     By: Connor Glowacki

     The critically acclaimed and multi-platinum rock band, Foo Fighters, announced today that they will be releasing a new album on November 10. The new record, titled 'Sonic Highways', will be the band's first new batch of music since their previous album, the Grammy award-winning 'Wasting Light', came out in April 2011. 'Wasting Light debuted at Number One on the Billboard charts and produced successful singles such as, 'Rope', 'Walk', and 'These Days'.
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     Sonic Highways' will follow an HBO special of the same name that will document the Foo Fighters traveling to some of the country's most historic music studios to record the album and showcase America's vast musical traditions and influences. The special, which will premiere on October 17, will have the band traveling to studios in Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Seattle, and New Orleans.
     The unique thing about this album is that each track was recorded in a separate studio. Even though there will only be eight songs, 'Sonic Highways' will reportedly be 44 minutes long and could give listeners some interesting instrumentation and solos for songs that will average out to be over five minutes each.
     'Sonic Highways' will be produced by frequent collaborator Butch Vig, who produced 'Wasting Light' and produced Nirvana's breakthrough smash, 1991's 'Nevermind'. Many music enthusiasts will know that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was Nirvana's drummer when 'Nevermind was recorded.

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Below is the tracklist for 'Sonic Highways':

1.) "Something From Nothing"
2.) "The Feast And The Famine"
3.) "Congregation"
4.) "What Did I Do?/God As My Witness"
5.) "Outside"
6.) "In The Clear"
7.) "Subterranean"
8.) "I Am A River"

No single has been released yet, but are you excited for a new Foo Fighters album? Will this be their most 'EPIC' album yet, as Vig and Grohl have repeatedly stated?

Let me know in the comments below!

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