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By: Connor Glowacki

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Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone
     Scott Weiland, the musician best known for being the frontman of rock band The Stone Temple Pilots, is dead at 48.

     A statement was made by management this morning on Weiland's Facebook page that he had died in his sleep while on tour with his current band,  Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts.

     The Stone Temple Pilots grew to commercial fame during the grunge years of the early 1990s and released hit songs such as 'Vaseline', 'Big Empty' and 'Interstate Love Song'. The band's song 'Plush' ended up garnering the band a Grammy in 1993 for Best Hard Rock Performance.

     Since the band grew to fame, Weiland's addiction to drugs also increased, ranging from alcohol to crack and heroin, which included several arrests.

     When Stone Temple Pilots went on a hiatus in 2003, Weiland teamed up with several former members of Guns N' Roses to form the rock outfit, Velvet Revolver, which also found commercial success. Stone Temple Pilots did reunite in 2008, but broke up in 2013 after a lawsuit by band members against Weiland. Velvet Revolver also broke up due to disagreements over touring and drug use.

     Weiland's noted deep baritone has been referred to as an important voice in the grunge movement of the 1990s.

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