Tuesday, December 20, 2016


By: Connor Glowacki

Image result for pearl jam     The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame announced Dec. 20 that six acts would be inducted into its 2017 class. The five acts who were inducted on their first try include rock bands Pearl Jam, Journey and Electric Light Orchestra, singer-songwriter Joan Baez, and west coast rapper Tupac Shakur. English rock band Yes will join the five acts as they were inducted after being nominated for the third time.

     I think Pearl Jam, Electric Light Orchestra and, eventually, Yes, were locks due to these acts being pioneers among their peers in the various genres of progressive rock, art rock, grunge, and alternative.
     I think Journey deserved to get into because they had so many great hit songs and albums that stand up fairly well to this day, but it was a slight surprise only because they seemed to be endlessly mocked by a lot of rock purists throughout their career. Even though this was Journey's first nomination, they were snubbed several times when they were eligible for nomination.

    The 75-year-old Baez continues to be one of the more prolific folk songwriters in the history of music as her catalog has stretched into five decades! Now while I think Shakur is one of the greatest rappers and lyricists of all time, I've tended to question the idea of rappers being allowed into the rock and roll hall of fame. Could you make a connection to the two genres? Sure, but they are still different genres at the end of the day. That being said, it's cool seeing Shakur make it in almost two decades after his death.

As always, there continue to be notable acts getting snubbed from induction into the hall of fame. Disco-funk band Chic got snubbed after being the nominated for the 11th time! Other acts that were nominated, but not inducted include bands Jane's Addiction, Depeche Mode, Bad Brains and The Cars, singers Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson, and German electronic music group Kraftwerk.

The 32nd annual Rock Hall induction ceremony will take place April 7 in Brooklyn.


Did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame committee get it right this year with their picks?

And who should be admitted next?

Share your opinion and leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter @ConnorGlowacki.

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